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All these questions (and more) are being asked by retailers just like you…

Rest assured, we have all the answers for doing business with all forms of Cannabidiol in Utah

FIRST and FOREMOST CBD IS LEGAL IN UTAH. To use, to buy and to sell. There are a few rules and regulations that are required. We at Riparian Farms have the answers you need to add this very profitable income stream to each of your retail locations. It is a “No Worry” proposition on your part.

When you partner up with us you will gain:

Access to the Experts

People Who Have the Knowledge

Whether it is the latest in the changes of the state regulations, the intricacies of labeling requirements, actual product knowledge of content and usage of CBD or the best way to get the right info to your customers.

We Have You Covered!

You Now Have “a Guy”

You can ask the questions and get the right answers to properly serve your customers, succinctly follow the laws that protect you and the consumers correctly guide those others which Cannabidiol infused products that benefit lives.

Connection to the Best Desired CBD-based Products

Highest Quality for the Most Effectiveness

It starts at the point of extraction from the processes at the lab, the CO2 procedures determine the purity of the full spectrum of the cannabinoid compounds.

Pharma Grade THC Free CBD

The several methods used for CBD intake are available for you. Sublingually, topically or ingesting the dose in softgel, liquid and food form are all here to utilize. You choose what you think your customers will most readily buy.

In addition, there are mixtures (or tinctures) that are geared to a certain condition or ailment which are available. Mixed with terpenes, essential oils, herbal, vitamin and/or minerals for a desired effect.

Direct Line to the Right Branding

An Already Established Brand

You don’t have to do any heavy lifting! We have a full compliment of products infused with the highest quality of CBD that can be extracted. All you need to do is determine which of the Cannabidiol-based products you want to carry and order away!

Or Label Them All with Your Own Brand

You have the ability to get any or all of the CBD products with your logo, and contact information. We can white label our products with your very own branding for a seamless transaction with your consumers.

The Highly Effective Marketing Plan & Tools

We Have the Plan for You

You don’t have to just put it on one of your shelves or countertops and hope it all sells. The marketing plan to bring in as many of your customers as possible to buy.

Here’s What We Can Do:

  • Your Branding on Labels – with your choice of white label we get your name on each CBD infused bottle & pack.
  • In-Store Signage – posters, signs, and countertop tents designed & produced at cost.
  • Outbound Advertising – creation and design of ads to place at your disposal just detail the size needed.
  • Email Marketing – with your email address list of your customers we send a three-part email series announcements.

These marketing tools, among others, will get the sales & profits flowing.

A Continually Growing Source of Income

We Are Just Beginning to Understand It All

Because there was such a stigma that was placed on anything cannabis for so long, the studies that would have shown all of us the homeostasis properties of the full spectrum of the Cannabidiol and it’s related compounds are just getting started. With some very promising results happening we are discovering how Cannabinoids affect each of our Endocannabinoid systems.

As we are finding these exciting results, we are also, personally experiencing changes for the better when we properly utilize CBD!

People Are Discovering What CBD Can Do In Droves!

As the Awareness Grows

So will the demand for quality CBD products will also increase. You are able to get into the Top-of-the-Mind Awareness within your consumers circle of influence earlier than all the rest! Increasing in knowledge, popularity and in usage, your very own location can grow as exponentially as the exposure to CBD’s Benefits are.

You and your retail business can experience the consistently climbing revenues and the resulting profits with bringing to your community the products, knowledge and wisdom of what CBD related mixtures can deliver.


People kept telling me that I needed to start using CBD for managing my LUPUS symptoms, which have in the past rendered me nearly bed-ridden. Since I have been taking the 1500 mg CBD Oil with 4 drops of it in the morning and 4 in the evening my overwhelming pain hasn’t completely gone away, but it is WAY more manageable than it was before CBD! I often talk about life before CBD and after CBD… and quite frankly, I now have hope for my future and for my loved ones.

Melanie K., St. Louis MO.

Feeling sluggish I always thought comes from getting older. I was resigned to the fact that as I started getting grey hair the tiredness and the absent-mindedness just comes along with it. I don’t think that way any more. With the Alertness Tincture, infused with CBD and herbs that help my memory I no longer shuffle through the day. Thank you so much!

Kyle Q., Boise ID

I often had troubles getting to sleep over the past several years. Gone to doctors, tried what they prescribed and honestly, I hated how they made me feel, especially after I woke up the next morning. And the side effects… worse than not sleeping.

I tried CBD on a whim and I amĀ  so grateful I did! It helps me relax with just 3 drops under my tongue 30-45 before I want to go to bed. My brain stops rushing, and I am able to get the rest that I have needed for so many years. So glad I started with Riparian Farms!

Nicholas P., New York NY


Here’s how you and your retail location (store or office) can begin getting the right type of CBD for your customers and clients.


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