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Terpenes – What You Need to Know – Riparian Farms – CBD for you
//Terpenes – What You Need to Know

Terpenes – What You Need to Know

So you been hearing about terpenes…(perhaps from us) and it’s gotten you a little confused? Let’s break this down for you:

Terpenes are the largest category and most diverse group of naturally occurring aromatic compounds found in the plants of God’s green earth. Over 800 different terpenes, with more than 15,000 terpenoids (a.k.a. isoprenoids or combinations of two or more terpenes or naturally occurring chemicals) have been discovered. You can find them in all sorts of plants which give them their aroma and probably have experienced their scents with any essential oil on the market. Terpenes are a hydrocarbon, which means they are made up of just carbon and hydrogen. Terpenoids, on the other hand are denatured or chemically modified via a curing or drying process.

If you have ever come across any essential oils type of product from the three or four major companies out in the marketplace, you have smelled a terpene. A major selling point of these types of aromatic products are their aromas, which can assist in the desired therapeutic end result someone using their products seek to have. It is not limited to oils manufactured by these companies, any product derived from a plant that has its corresponding aroma (perfumes, cleaners, finishes, even potpourri) has a terpene element to it.

The terpene isolates out on the market today are usually concentrates or distillates extracted through a mechanical distillation process.

It is worthy of noting that if a pure concentration of a terpene is to be handled, it should be with care! At high concentrations, terpenes can be dangerous if handled correctly. You need to have it diluted or added to another tincture utilizing a safe method of doing so.

Also worthy of noting is that terpenes, as well as the different CB compounds i.e. CBD, CBG, CBC, CBDA etc. are non-psychoactive and have proven medicinal value.

Commonly sold (here in particular) as concentrates in glass bottles with dropper caps terpenes have serious therapeutic power. Combine CBD with the right levels of beta caryophellene for anti-inflammatory and arthritis relief can have what they call an ‘entourage’ affect on what you want to take care of. You must make sure that you properly seal the container in which you store your choice of terpene, because they can diminish over the course of time exposed to the air.

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