What Types of CBD Products are Best for First Time Usrs?

As one learns more about cannabinoids and how they influence the already-existing-inside-you endocannabinoid system to elicit natural balancing effects on the body, you’ll likely be encouraged to incorporate cannabidiol (CBD) into your daily wellness regimen. With all the available CBD products out there, it can be confusing to determine which is the right product for you. This guide will help beginners identify the factors that are important to consider when choosing cannabinoid products.

Potency: How much CBD are you looking for?

CBD products can vary greatly in CBD concentration. Most product labels will clearly mark their CBD content per serving (if they don’t that is a clue to avoid that manufacturer). You’ll find products with as low as about 1 mg of CBD per serving, all the way up to 80 mg or more per serving. This wide range in CBD content gives those seeking CBD for its therapeutic benefits the opportunity to find the optimal level of the cannabinoid for their particular health situation.

When it comes to CBD, in most cases a little tends to go a long way. We suggest beginning with a low concentration product and then working up to a product with greater CBD concentration if needed. Most people find that taking a few milligrams of CBD a few times a day works well. However, some people may prefer a higher concentration. Chronic usage of up to 1,500 mg per day of CBD has been found to be well-tolerated in adults.

Receiving the benefits of adding Cannabidiol (broad or full spectrum) to your daily intake is a personal one. You need to be paying close attention to your body and how it feels without CBD in your system, and how it feels when you do. Daily dosage can be adjusted as you incrementally increase the mgs taken and the results you feel within.

Products like CBD tinctures and CBD gummies traditionally contain lower levels of CBD and are popular among those new to cannabinoids. Pure CBD oils and CBD capsules are commonly more ideal for those looking for products containing the highest amount of CBD.

Budget: How much are your comfortable budgeting each month?

Because of the wide variety of CBD products available, it’s possible for anyone to find an option that aligns with their budget. CBD products tend to increase in price as the amount of CBD increases. Other factors, such as the amount of processing and packaging put into a product, can also play a role in its final price.

Tinctures, which are blended with other oils or ingredients and therefore in general contain lower levels of CBD, are ideal for those looking for the most affordable CBD option. Pure CBD oil is optimal for those who have the financial capacity to invest in products with higher levels of CBD.

Delivery method: What type of CBD product would you enjoy most?

The type of CBD product you elect to use should be easily incorporated into your already established daily regimen.

Those looking for the most immediate effects would do best with pure CBD oil or CBD tinctures, which are taken under the tongue an absorbed sublingually. When CBD is absorbed under the tongue, it can bypass your digestive system to reach your blood stream more quickly.

For those who are always on the move and looking for the most convenient option, CBD tinctures, CBD chewing gummies, and CBD capsules are good options that are portable and are able to be taken quickly.

It’s because of their better flavoring that children typically prefer CBD tinctures and CBD gummies. For kids needing a product with higher levels of the cannabinoid, pure CBD oil can be mixed with yogurt or ice cream and taken orally.