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Our Commitment to You

Is to bring to you the best knowledge-based info, remedies, & products that can be had. CBD, Nutrient-rich, Body-balancing compounds and elements that can be had on the market. We want you to be, as we strive continually, fully aware of the benefits the health promoting products we highlight and carry. To have What Does CBD Oil Do For You Site & Riparian Farms be your go-to for quality, affordable health and wellness activities in Salt Lake City, Utah.


We are passionate about taking care of our valued clientele

Our Hemp CBD products, and other supplements are geared for the best balancing of your health. Ingestible, topical, or therapeutic in all their iterations have been put to the test and found beneficial to our clientele. Most of which I have personally tried and felt how each effects me daily. I can stand behind all that we have here on the site, otherwise they are not found within our pages. That is my guarantee to you!

Riparian Farms on WhatDoesCBDOilDoForYou.com

The answer to where you can buy the best in CBD, Herbals, Oils and more is obviously right here, right now.

Riparian Farms’ Value:

When it comes to Hemp CBD, there is no substitute for quality. We offer you ultra-concentrated hemp CBD that is grown & harvested in select generational farms that know how to grow quality hemp plants. It is vital to know from where you are getting your Cannabidiol.

What Are Ya Smelling?

Our Story

How We Started;

It all started with family. Because the world of Big Pharma wasn’t able to adequately help with chronic and ongoing ailments, we sought to find the natural chemical and biochemical engineering to make a difference came across the Hemp CBD THC-Free panacea. From there we have grown up and beyond with formulations and applications for the health needs of the community.

Growing the Business:

We take pride in what we do. That is why we have the highest standards of non-prescription products available. Those high levels of efficacy have been able to optimize our growth in the Utah regional area. We are bursting out of our seams, and have added a second location to accommodate the demand for what CBD can do for the numerous physical and mental situations that people have or develop.

What We Do Daily:

We change lives! We are constantly doing research and new formulations to assist in the targeted areas of health (or ill-health) being experienced. We see it in the eyes of our customers when they come in our doors, and they are experiencing the benefits of what CBD can do for the human system as a whole. We love what we do, and look to bring these benefits to all we can.

Building Communities:

We are about talking with our customers. With everything else in this world, there is no”one size fits all”. We enjoy the interaction and listening to what our customers have to say and providing them with the solution (or formulation) that would address their unique concerns. Our customers are our family and as such we treat them as we would like to be – giving them the real Entourage effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gene Expression?2023-11-30T00:50:14+00:00

Gene expression is the process by which genetic instructions are used to synthesize gene products. These products are usually proteins, which go on to perform essential functions as enzymes, hormones and receptors, for example.

Several steps in the gene expression process may be modulated, including the transcription, RNA splicing, translation, and post-translational modification of a protein. Gene regulation gives the cell control over structure and function, and is the basis for cellular differentiation, morphogenesis and the versatility and adaptability of any organism.

Full Spectrum CBD allows the best expression to happen via the Endocannibinoid system cell membranes.

What is meant by Endocannabinoids Tone?2023-11-30T00:50:57+00:00

The endocannabinoid system is up-regulated in numerous pathophysiological states such as inflammatory, neurodegenerative, gastrointestinal, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, pain, and cancer. It has been suggested that this phenomenon primarily serves an autoprotective role in inhibiting disease progression and/or diminishing signs and symptoms. Accordingly, enhancement of endogenous endocannabinoid tone by inhibition of endocannabinoid degradation represents a promising therapeutic approach for the treatment of many diseases.

What is Glutathione?2023-11-30T00:51:31+00:00

It’s a very simple molecule that may well be the most important molecule you need to stay healthy and prevent disease. It’s a key for preventing aging, cancer, heart disease, dementia, and other chronic diseases. It’s also essential for treating everything from autism to Alzheimer’s disease to cancer and much more.

When you intake phytocannabinoids, it assists in turning on the genes that increase the production of glutathione naturally.

What is Anandamide?2023-11-30T00:52:17+00:00

Anandamide, also known as N-arachidonoylethanolamine or AEA, is a fatty acid neurotransmitter derived from the non-oxidative metabolism of eicosatetraenoic acid, an essential ω-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid. The name is taken from the Sanskrit word ananda, which means “joy, bliss, delight”.

The 2AG is the ‘capacity’ type molecule, Anandamide is the ‘volume’ molecule.

What is 2-Arachidonoylglycerol?2023-11-30T00:53:00+00:00

2-Arachidonoylglycerol is an endocannabinoid, an endogenous agonist of the CB₁ receptor and the primary endogenous ligand for the CB2 receptor. It is an ester formed from the omega-6 fatty acid arachidonic acid and glycerol.

Known as the Motivation molecule it is the natural cannabinoid within each of us.

What is MCT Oil?2023-11-30T00:53:45+00:00

MCT is a man-made saturated fatty acid. “Pure MCT oil” is made in the lab by combining medium-chain triglycerides from coconut oil and palm oil.

Can We Place an Order by Phone?2023-11-30T02:07:22+00:00

It’s generally quicker and easier for customers to place orders directly online via our website.  Our website is fully secure with very intense encryption means, we do not store any financial information, nor do we require any special documents to be provided.  So, online checkout is usually a “snap” and can be done more quickly and efficiently than placing a phone call and waiting for a call back.

Can We Call to Discuss Our Specific Situation?2023-11-30T02:08:01+00:00

You can most certainly try calling.  However, there is not much more the FDA will allow us to say that’s not already on this page or the product pages.

If you still have a question that is not answered on this page or somewhere else on the website, by all means contact us.  However, its usually best to submit your question via an online contact form found on the “CONTACT” page accessed by clicking “CONTACT” at the very top of this page.  We answer all online contacts as quickly as we can, and generally the same business day they are submitted.

We would get you the places to find the answer to your specific question.

Which Product Would You Recommend for … [Insert Your Condition Here]?2023-11-30T02:08:51+00:00

First and foremost, the FDA will not allow us to recommend anything nor even say that CBD will or may help with any particular condition.  This is unfortunate, but true.

Why Can It Seem to be Costly to Buy CBD?2023-11-30T02:09:32+00:00

The answer to this question lies in the fact that there are many steps and much plant material required to produce the end product.  First, a fairly substantial amount of hemp has to be grown, which takes months, to produce enough seeds and stalk to produce a very small amount of hemp extract.  Then, the extract has to be extensively tested to ensure its compound make up and its purity.  The extract is then formulated into various forms of products, such as CBD Oil Drops or into Tinctures and is sold to retailers.  Each entity along the way needs to earn a fair profit for their efforts.  By the time you have 4 or 5 entities involved, the cost level naturally increases to what you see on the market today.

The best way to compare prices is to break each product down to a “cost per milligram of CBD”.  By doing this, you can then start to compare the prices of the products.  Also, keep in mind that various brands focus on various attributes.  For instance, at WhatDoesCBDOilDoForYou, we focus on NOT ONLY on CBD, but the complete absorption process of cannabinoids so our customers get a well rounded blend of organic compound for the best results.

Can I Take It with “X” Medication?2023-11-30T02:10:08+00:00

Since we are not doctors and we do not your know individual situation, we cannot provide this advice.  We CAN tell you that many of our customers have significantly reduced, and even completely got off of, prescription medicines after using these products.  (Again, please consult your physician regarding your specific situation)

Can I “Overdose” on CBD?2023-11-30T02:10:44+00:00

We are not doctors and we are not knowledgeable about your particular health condition, so you have to get medical advice from your practitioner.  However, what we can say is that typically, its virtually impossible to take too much.  We use the following analogy:  Can you eat too much spinach?  Well, the answer is yes.  You can.  But, you’d have to eat such an unimaginable amount that its not realistic to think you could truly eat too much spinach.  The same holds true for these products.  Its not realistic to think you could take too much, but of course, at some level it would be possible.  (Again, please consult your physician regarding your specific situation)

How Long Does It Take to Work? Does It Take Days?2023-11-30T02:54:57+00:00

When taking enough, it generally only takes about 20-30 minutes for it become effective.  Most people when first starting out, do not know what to expect and often overlook that it is beginning to help their condition.  Since there is no “high” to report, most people don’t know that it is doing anything.  Only after a while do they realize that any pain they may have had is no longer there or not as intense.  The “feeling” is so subtle that usually, all that is able to be identified is a subtle calming.  After several uses, many people have reported that they now notice it “taking the edge” off minutes after administering.  But, for most newcomers, they expect a huge change and its just not like that, unless it’s being used for pain management.  A gentle release of the pain is usually fairly noticeable when taking these products in proper amounts.

How Much of the Bottle Should I Take Each Time?2023-11-30T02:56:08+00:00

Unfortunately, there is no definitive scientific answer to this.  Truly it requires some trial and error to get the right amount for you and your condition.  But, with patience and practice, you should be able to get to that “happy point” in just a few days of working with it.

The approach we recommend is to begin taking a particular amount, twice a day for the first 3-4 days to build it up in your system and so you can truly see what its doing.  After this amount of time, increase or decrease the amount you’re taking based on the results you’re seeing.

Here is some very important information about how to determine how much of any given product to take:

First, you need to click out to the pages above about “How Much CBD Should I Take”.  Please read all of the information as the information found in the text is equally important as the information found in the chart on the linked-to page.  Once you see how many milligrams of CBD you might start with, then use the following information to determine how much product to take to get that amount.

Determining how much of any of our products to take is really quite simple.  Don’t let the math get in the way; grab a calculator and should be able to knock it out!

For Example – With our Tinctures and Sublinguals

  • 250mg Bottle of Drops have approx 1/2mg of CBD per drop.
  • 500mg Bottle of Drops have approx 1mg of CBD per drop.
  •  1500mg Bottle of Drops have approx 2.6mg of CBD per drop.
  • 3000mg Bottle of Drops have approx 3mg of CBD per drop

The capsules have either 15mg, 25mg or 50mg of CBD per capsule, depending on which one you order.  Take however many capsules you need to get the amount you are wanting to take.

Does It Work for … [Insert Your Condition Here]?2023-11-30T02:57:18+00:00

The FDA does not allow us to make any claims about what CBD Hemp Oil can do or may do for you.  But, we CAN pass along that we have numerous customers using our products regularly for things such as:  Cancer, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Insomnia, Anxiety, Migraines and so much more.  While CBD doesn’t help everyone with their condition, we have many people who return regularly for reorders.  The only way you’ll know if it will help you is to try it.  (If you need further advice, your doctor or medical practitioner might be able to help.)

How Do I Know it is Safe to Purchase CBD Online?2023-11-30T02:58:17+00:00

To ensure the legality of buying CBD products online, you need to make sure the company you’re buying from is reputable and that the product was made from industrial hemp with less than 0.3% THC content. While transporting marijuana across state lines (from legal to non-legal states) is against the law, transporting hemp and hemp-based products is safe. Remember, millions of people all over the US (and the globe) are using CBD products every day to effectively treat their medical conditions.

How Do I Know What Dose of CBD to Take?2023-11-30T02:59:30+00:00

This one is tricky because it of course depends on what you’re using the medication for, and also on how b the product is. For effective treatment of the majority of conditions, most people use between 10-50 mg of CBD per day total. (For reference, 1 mL of a potent oil might contain 50 mg of CBD. Make sure you read the label on your product to ensure proper dosing

What About CBD Topicals… Do They Work?2023-11-30T03:00:11+00:00

CBD topicals (lotions, salves, balms, soaps) have proven effective for skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, as well as for localized muscle soreness and joint pain resulting from arthritis-induced inflammation.

Are There Medical Studies on CBD?2023-11-30T03:01:14+00:00

Thousands of scientific/medical peer-reviewed studies have been carried out specifically on CBD. Project CBD is a non-profit organization strictly dedicated to documenting the research progress on this incredible drug.

Are there Side Effects of Using CBD? Is it Safe?2023-11-30T03:02:01+00:00

The only significant danger/side effect of the drug is in vaping CBD oils that were produced using a thinning agent, such as propylene glycol. When burned/vaped, propylene glycol produces formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen. CBD oils produced by CO2 extraction are much safer and more pure than oils that were produced with liquid alcohol/thinning agents.

Other than that, most research has concluded that CBD is perfectly safe with no known side effects, though some users have reported drowsiness, lightheadedness, low blood pressure, and dry mouth. Also, some patients with Parkinson’s Disease have reported an increase in tremors.

How is CBD Isolated from the Cannabis Hemp Plant?2023-11-30T03:02:54+00:00

CO2 extraction is the best method to extract pure CBD isolate, in which state it exists as a clear/white crystal. This method is preferred over other methods because it leaves practically zero traces of chemical contaminants in the end product.

Alcohol extraction is another method, wherein a liquid such as ethanol, butane, or hexane is run through raw plant material to extract the CBD and then evaporated to leave only the active cannabinoid. This can be a dangerous method because it’s prone to leaving excess traces of the butane or hexane chemicals in the extract.

Also, infusing vegetable oil (i.e. olive oil) is another effective way of extracting CBD. All you do is grind up the raw plant material, decarboxylate (heat) it, and let it sit in boiling (100-deg Celsius) oil for about 2 hours.

How the Body Works Optimally?2023-11-30T03:03:56+00:00

CBD can help the body work to its optimal potential, by feeding your Endocannabinoid system. A healthy Endocannabinoid system promotes homeostasis within the cellular mechanisms of the organism.

CBD is not a medication to “treat” a specific ailment or disease so to speak… It is, however, the very thing that straightens out the diversion of healthy function and rights the neurological and immunological pathways.

It does this through feeding CBD to the Endocannabinoid system, that can be the cause of ailments, symptoms, and conditions. If a person has a severely damaged endocannabinoid system, it is expected that they would have ailments within the body

Refunds & Returns?2023-11-30T03:36:39+00:00

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you may request a full refund of the purchase price within 30 days. The customer is responsible for return shipping. Find Out More Here

How Long Before I Receive My Product?2023-11-30T03:38:53+00:00

You will normally receive your Riparian Farms product within 9 to 15 days unless otherwise specified.

Can I Rely Solely on Supplements for Healthy Aging?2024-01-10T22:56:58+00:00

While supplements offer support, a balanced diet and anti-aging foods are crucial for overall well-being. So, no get the majority of your nutrients with the quality of food you are eating.

Riparian Farms’ Promise:

Once harvested, our hemp sources carefully process & extract the various forms of Cannabidiol from the plant. Through carefully structured testing, bring to us (and you) the CBD wanted. This ensures that all our CBD products have the quantity of milligrams of hemp CBD for the desired Health & Wellness effect you desire.

– You are born seeking balance for the body you have –

As we grow older, our bodies naturally are looking to return back to the balance the cells within crave. Doing this with natural methods here on WhatDoesCBDOilDoForYou.com is the best way to gain and retain that balance!

Highest Standards

We offer one of the most quality, yet most affordable high CBD Hemp Oil products on the market today. Along with our finely-tuned supplements you can rest assured that bio-availability and efficacy is here.

Effectual Full Concentration

Because of the high standards we hold ourselves t, you will receive in every topical, oral, or ingestible dose of CBD or Herbal Remedies what you expect and not have any ‘additions’ that dilute their ingredients.

Experience the Change

Recent studies have shown that the compound known widely as CBD, can have great effects on numerous health conditions. Consult your physician for the resent study results and how they can apply to you.

Variety of Types & Kinds

You can now find just about any type of Remedy, with favorite flavors of your choice. For your individual Herbal, or CBD experience free of carcinogens or needless additions to the mixture, find your favorite.

Diverse Application Forms

Fid out which style of application is for you, and how you can best optimize efficacy what each, can provide to you and look like to suit your personality and lifestyle. Consult with us to get exactly what you want.

From Us at Riparian Farms

We are only successful if you receive from us the highest in customer service possible. Each interaction we do what is right for our valued clientele, we want to serve so that we can get the confident referral each time.


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