Top 4 Must Know Tips When Traveling and Flying with CBD

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(This article pertains to flying within the United States.  If you’re flying elsewhere, you will want to check local regulations in whatever country in which you’re going to be flying.)

In 2021, it’s easier to get your hands on CBD oil than ever before. Whether it’s for medical purposes or just to relieve day to day stress and anxiety, more people are turning to CBD oil for relief. But now that it’s widely available, you’ll want to take it with you wherever you’re going — including on an airplane.

While CBD oil is derived from hemp — and therefore won’t get you high like THC — the regulations can get a little fuzzy. So can you bring CBD on a plane? Is it legal?

Short answer: Yes, it’s legal. As long as your CBD oil is derived from hemp, it’s perfectly legal to carry your CBD oil across state lines, regardless of whether or not marijuana is legal in that state.

But it can be a challenge to figure out how to get your CBD oil cleared by the TSA and through the long security lines. Before you even think about stepping on a plane, be sure to read over some tips you should keep in mind if you’re planning on flying with CBD oil.

We don’t want you to be that one that gets hassled, and more when you land at your destination (Here’s a recent Article) There have been many instances that someone was held up at the gate, or at TSA for their tincture that contained more THC than .03% most states require or that they are detained for having a controlled substance at the local police precinct.

To help you sort through the rules and regulations, here’s a breakdown of what you need to know.

Top 4 Must-Know Tips When Flying With CBD Oil

Even though you’re carrying CBD oil that’s derived from hemp, there are other types of oil that are still considered active cannabinoids, which could cause scrutiny by the TSA, the airport staff or others. This means you’ll have to take a few precautions and preparations to make sure you can get your CBD oil through security.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can take CBD oil onto a plane.

1. Don’t Worry About the TSA

Remember that the TSA isn’t there to look for illegal (or legal) drugs. Their primary concern is to maintain the safety of the airport and the aircraft.

In other words: They’re not patting you down to look for drugs. They’re looking for security threats like weapons or explosive devices.

They’re also keeping an eye out for the trafficking of drugs. As long as you’re carrying CBD oil that’d derived from hemp instead of cannabis–and you can prove it too (you should keep a copy of your printed order with your CBD Oil and the manufacturer’s certification of contents)–the TSA shouldn’t give you too much trouble.

2. Know the Rules

One of the most important things you can do to prepare for flying with CBD oil is knowing the rules.

First off, you need to check the rules of the airport. Double check that you’re transporting liquids in an appropriate container and look to see if there are any additional rules for the transportation of CBD oil.

Make sure you’re well-versed on the requirements before you think about packing CBD oil on your flight and comply with any regulations about the amount and the storage of your oil. Once you’re past security and aboard your flight, you’ll be in the clear until you reach your destination.

* EXTRA NOTE: If you are flying to a different country, remember not all have the same outlook on CBD as we in the United States. In many countries across the globe CBD is as controlled as THC is and may end you up in a legal battle you didn’t count on. There are stories of those who didn’t remember they had something in their bags and when they got to Dubai or Russia, they were being apprehended and treated as any drug trafficker would be. Know the laws on CBD wherever you may be roaming!

3. Bring Any and All Documentation

In the event that you do get stopped by TSA or local law enforcement, you need to be prepared.

Remember: Your CBD oil is perfectly legal. But if TSA officers notice something suspicious and potentially illegal, they’re likely to question you about it. Being prepared will just help you get through the line faster and avoid any long holdups. You should never be in any legal trouble for carrying hemp derived CBD oil.

If you’re using CBD for medical purpose and have documentation from a doctor, bring that with you. You might be questioned on the purpose of your CBD oil — so be sure you have an explanation ready.

Either way, be sure that your CBD oil has a THC content below 0.3% and is derived from hemp. If you can get a Certificate of Analysis that outlines the content of your product, bring that with you as well. All of these things will help if you find yourself being questioned.

4. Always Put Your CBD Oil in a Carry-On

You might be tempted to bypass all of this and put your CBD oil in your checked bags. But airport security is pretty tight, and it’s not easy to get one past the TSA. If it’s a small enough amount, you might get by, but it’s not worth the risk of your CBD oil being confiscated.

Always put your CBD oil in your carry-on instead of your checked luggage. Not only will this allow you to be there to show documentation or answer any questions that the TSA might have, but it reduces the likelihood that they’ll check your bag at all.

Red flags for the TSA include anything that they deem “suspicious,” so as long as your CBD oil is in a plastic bag and below the limit for fluids in a carry-on, it may not even be pulled aside for inspection.

If you try to avoid the hassle by stuffing it in your checked bag and airport security thinks that it’s an illegal substance, you might just find your CBD oil labeled contraband and removed from your bag without your consent.

The Bottom Line

As CBD oil and other hemp derived products become more and more popular across the country, it’s likely that regulations will become more lenient in the coming years. But until that time–stick to the rules and don’t take any risks. You and your CBD oil should make it to your destination without a problem.

If you know the rules and you stay prepared, flying with CBD oil can be easy and stress-free.

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