Unfortunately, there is no definitive scientific answer to this.  Truly it requires some trial and error to get the right amount for you and your condition.  But, with patience and practice, you should be able to get to that “happy point” in just a few days of working with it.

The approach we recommend is to begin taking a particular amount, twice a day for the first 3-4 days to build it up in your system and so you can truly see what its doing.  After this amount of time, increase or decrease the amount you’re taking based on the results you’re seeing.

Here is some very important information about how to determine how much of any given product to take:

First, you need to click out to the pages above about “How Much CBD Should I Take”.  Please read all of the information as the information found in the text is equally important as the information found in the chart on the linked-to page.  Once you see how many milligrams of CBD you might start with, then use the following information to determine how much product to take to get that amount.

Determining how much of any of our products to take is really quite simple.  Don’t let the math get in the way; grab a calculator and should be able to knock it out!

For Example – With our Tinctures and Sublinguals

  • 250mg Bottle of Drops have approx 1/2mg of CBD per drop.
  • 500mg Bottle of Drops have approx 1mg of CBD per drop.
  •  1500mg Bottle of Drops have approx 2.6mg of CBD per drop.
  • 3000mg Bottle of Drops have approx 3mg of CBD per drop

The capsules have either 15mg, 25mg or 50mg of CBD per capsule, depending on which one you order.  Take however many capsules you need to get the amount you are wanting to take.